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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  March 12, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> gretchen: log on for the after the show show. bye. bill: we are off and running. gas prices keep going up and president obama's approval numbers keep going down. gas prices 30 cents higher than a month ago. it's going the wrong way. goo morning. we'll goat right way today. march this off all week. jamie: most americans are saying these higher prices are already taking a toll on their budgets. bill: a new poll from the post show 65% disapprove of how the
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president is handling this issue. >> reporter: the news is the spike is back. we had a brief respite at the end of last week but the prices are climbing again. in some places it's up 57 cents a gallon in just the last four weeks. the reality is that millions of people in the high 307 laying states, california, new york, connecticut, they are paying northward of $4 a gallon and diesel which is what truckers use is $4.11 a gallon. bill: i saw $5.59 on the screen while you were talking. >> politicians have been rolling out their two-point plans for $2
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gas. drill, drill, and drill some more. under my administration we have been drilling. under my administration oil production is at an 8-year high. >> reporter: in north dakota there is an oil boom in progress. drilling for shale, they have 3% unemployment, a state budget surplus and they are crying out for people to come and work. mcdonald's in paying $18 an hour plus a signing bonus. that's prosperity through drilling for oil which is under north dakota. bill: the polling numbers are a drag. that takes us back to the politics of this issue. going the wrong way. >> reporter: they are going the wrong way for the president. it could be the price of gas spike as it is so obvious as it is to every one, that price of
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gas, that problem could refocus the whole reelection campaign and put it back on the economy. the spiking price of gas will make a significant difference in everybody's pocketbook. bill: the polling tell you it's on the economy and the deficit. we keep going up. is there one reason? >> reporter: the reason at the moment is not so much the underlying price of oil as the switch to the summer blend to gasoline. it usually adds 20 cents a gallon to the price. jamie: the issue comes up again and again with republican candidates for president. they are seizing on gas prices. mitt romney and rick santorum say the buck stops at the white house. have a listen.
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>> since this president has been president the cost of gasoline has doubled. not what he had hoped for. he says well it's not my fault. >> this is a no energy policy on this president's part. we are looking at $4 a gallon prices in some places. jamie: according to the white house they say they are doing fine on gas prices and even celebrating their accomplishments. how can that be? the taliban with new threats of revenge after an american soldier allegedly killed 16 afghan villagers during a rampage that happened this weekend. u.s. officials say the acts of one man should not tarnish the work done overseas. >> it's going to complicate missions. but i think we are all affected by a senseless death regardless of how it happened. >> when it was noticed the individual left the outpost, the
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command did exactly the right thing. they took accounting of everybody they had at that outpost and there was only one person missing and that's how we know there was only one individual involved in this. jamie: jennifer griffin joining us from the pentagon with the latest details. what do we know about the alleged shooter so far. >> he's a 38-year-old staff sergeant. the father of three children, he served two tours in iraq. he was working with special operation forces to train local police. he's from washington state. >> years away from my kid, my family, my wife, my community. stressful. that was a comment from another member of the joint base lewis
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mccord. that base has been home to a number of scandals including the fifth striker brigade who were convicted of killing afghans and take their body parts for war trophies. it has been a troubled base. the u.s. military is saying this individual will be tried in a military court. jamie: major general bob scales will join us later in the show to talk about that base and the pressure our troops are under. what about complicating the mission, and also is there a greater history of that base with a high suicide rate? what are they saying at pentagon about that? >> reporter: there is the high suicide rate and remember the 24-year-old soldier who went on a killing rampage in mount rainier so it has been a very
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troubled base. the striker brigade. that kill team was a serious incidents. but this will complicate matters in terms of negotiate aggrastat us much forces agreement that will protect u.s. troops after forces begin to pull out in 2014. but if you look back at sentences given in the highest scandals in the last 10 years of war, the sentences by military courts have been shockingly small and reduced. look at abu ghraib. lynndie england received three years in prison. the leader was 6.4 years. in. so the u.s. military saying they will try this individual in a
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military court. but the afghans are demanding they be turned over to him. bill: newt gingrich looking to add texas fire power to his ticket. carl cameron reports the gingrich camp tossing around choosing rick perry as a running-mate. there is a statement by the perry team that calls it flattering but premature. jamie: rick santorum saying he believes he would get the republican nomination if the race stays undecided by the convention this summer. here is what he had to say on the "today show" this morning. >> we'll see very shortly that
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the con there are this race will rise, they will continue to start winning states like i have. when we go to this convention if that's where we end up, it's a conservative party, they are not going to dominate. if the opportunity provides itself in an open convention they are not going to nominate a moderate massachusetts governor who can't win the election outright. jamie: mitt romney appears to have the edge nationally. the latest real clear politics average shows santorum trailing romney 28 points. bill: lindsey graham saying while emotionally the race is still on the delegate math tells a different story. >> i wouldn't trade places with mitt if i were in the race. he has a third of the delegates he needs. he has done an outstanding job.
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rick has done an outstanding job starting from nothing and newt has come back from the dead two or three times. but mathematically this thing is about over. bill: he said the race is mitt's to lose and rick santorum and newt gingrich have put up a good fight. by the way, mitt romney is 65 today. he looks 45. an army of labor pushing the president. unions ready to knock on your door even if you are not a member. jamie: the obama administration is preparing for a battle as the administration heads to the supreme court. but the health and human services secretary doesn't know what the law will add to the deficit. what it will cost. bill: the violence flaring on the gaza border.
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jamie: they made a gruesome discovery in mexico. archeologists finding people inside a cave. they were found in an area used by central american migrants heading north. they are believed to be 50 years old. bill: the obama administration defending the healthcare law. this two weeks before the supreme court plans to hear the arguments on the constitutionality. kathleen sebelius says she is confident the law will be upheld. but when asked about the waivers she said this. >> i have no idea what waivers you are talking about. >> reporter: the waivers hhs
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has granted to employers to not have to implement sections of the healthcare laws. >> there have been waivers granted, yes. >> i'm happy to answer those one at a time and look as the waivers. >> i'm short on time. bill: the man asking the time was wisconsin republican senator ron johnson. how are you doing, good morning to you. welcome back. it's great the have you back. there are two main points you were trying to make in that back and forth. you conclude instead of saving 133 billion dollars we are actually adding 34 billion. did she defend that? >> she was not well versed in the numbers. the larger point is i don't want to have to implement the healthcare law for us to figure out how much it's going to cost. it's not going to reduce our
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deficit. it's going to explode our deficit and do great harm to our healthcare system. bill: how are you seeing that already. >> this is just the tip of the iceberg. when they first estimated the cost of healthcare they said in the first 10 years it would reduce our deficit by $130 million. they realized the that's not going to work. that will deprive them of $86 billion of revenue. they need another $111 billion for the health exchanges. it gives you $54 billion that will be add to our deficit. that's just the tip of the iceberg. bill: what secretary sebelius argues is the insurance exchanges aren't set up yet. once they are up and rolling those numbers will change. that was the point she was making. do you buy that argument? >> no, that's the second broken
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promise. president obama said families will see a reduction in their annual cost of healthcare. the kaiser family foundation says healthcare costs have gone up $2,200 per family. president obama said he would do that by the end of his first term. other promise i was point out. he said if you like your healthcare you will be able to keep it. the cbo estimated a million people lose their coverage but that's just the tip of the iceberg. there is a study that says 30-50% of employers plan on dropping coverage. when that happens there is 180 million people to get employer sponsored care. at an average subsidy rate of $7,000. the cost will be $400 billion to $500 billion a year. that the true cost of obama-care.
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bill: what's underneath the water is billions and billions more, that's the argument you are making. >> it will destroy our budget and destroy our healthcare system. we need to paint a picture for the american people what our healthcare system and budget will look like under obama-care and it will be an unattractive picture. bill: the other argument you made is the waivers. your number given out to employers covers $4 million americans. if your numbers are right she did not defend or back up what you said. what does that do with the law as it plays out over 10 years. >> that points out that this administration is granting those waivers. she is fully aware of these things. i couldn't believe she was's admitting it. those are the administration figures primarily granted to union-backed plans. employers simply aren't able to
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comply with the law and health providers wouldn't be able to comply with the structure. americans will be moved into a medicaid system. the goal of obama-care was to move people into a single payer system. bill: these are dire warnings. in a word, does it hold up in the supreme court or not? >> let's hope so and keep our fingers crossed, but it's our job to point out what this is going to look like so 2012 is a mandate on repealing became care. if the supreme court doesn't do it, the voters have to do it. bill: we'll talk again. jamie: whitney houston's daughter is speaking out for the first time after her mother's death. bill: a plane crash sparking a massive fire. look what's on the ground there. how this turned out in a moment.
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bill: a small plane crash in southern california sparking a 10-acre brushfire. the two people in the plane suffering minor injuries. bill: bankruptcy proceedings for the crystal cathedral. known for its hour of power television. prince harry celebrating the queen's diamond jubilee.
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jamie: watching a tense situation along the border in the middle east. it's ramping up. militants releasing this video showing what they claim is a barrage of rocket fire. israeli aircraft striking back in response, pounding targets in gaza and leland vittert is literally on the front lines in southern israel with the latest near the firing lines. leland, what's going on? >> ... protecting populated areas. in this town of ashdod. i can tell you from today's rocket attacks, when the rockets are going off and you hear the air raid sirens it's awfully
9:25 am
scary. that siren going off means there is a missile headed here into the area we are at. you are looking at the iron dome battery. a missile defense system the israelis have put in. it's tracking the missile coming out of gaza. right there from the iron dome. each one of those interceptors, 200 missiles have come out of gaza here ... so far 200 rockets flying out of gaza into various parts of southern israel. here in southern israel there is a million people living under threat. that means there is no school down here, and obviously it's a tense situation. there has been talk of a possible cease-fire between islamic jihad and the israelis.
9:26 am
this started friday with an israeli air strike that killed a high-ranking member of one of the group. you heard the unmistakable sound of israeli f-16s bombing targets insight the gaza strip. jamie: that video paints a stunning picture of what you experienced there. please be careful you and your crew. bill: are labor unions coming to your front door? 400,000 volunteers set to go house to house. what they are push and is it a good idea. and there is this. jamie: you know those videos -- >> get off the motorcycle. state police. those videos you see again and again where the cameras are
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ground running. john roberts is, too. he's live in birmingham, alabama. good morning to you, john. >> reporter: good morning. don't say cheesy grits in alabama. it's cheese grits. candidates gingrich and santorum will be appearing later today. you could say it wasn't georgia, but it could be alabama and mississippi that could be newt gingrich's last stand. it's difficult for him to make the case that he's a viable candidate if he doesn't do well in the deep south. the polls are bunched up right at the top and mitt romney is doing well in alabama and mississippi which is unusual. 70% of people here describe themselves as evangelical. newt gingrich probably feeling the heat from the romney campaign yesterday said don't vote for him because he's a weak
9:32 am
candidate. >> the romney camp has been trying to sell since last june that i should get out of the race. but romney is probably the weakest candidate since 1920 with leonard wood. he's not a strong front runner. almost all conservatives are opposed to him which is the base of the party. >> reporter: romney shot back this morning if i'm the weak candidate, what does that make night *? bill: what about rick santorum? >> reporter: won in kansas and oklahoma and tennessee. but the campaign is worried. in the latest polls he's trailing. i was talking to the campaign last night on the way here. they said we have been hammered by -- for the past few days by
9:33 am
the gingrich and romney campaign. >> governor romney is spending all this time trying to teach the national media delegate map instead of presenting a vision for the united states. governor romney is a process candidate. >> reporter: santorum continues to insist that newt gingrich should get out of the race saying he would have won a lot of states and might be able to run the table if they stop splitting that conservative vote. newt gingrich showing no sign else lead this race. birth and sugar. checking the delegate tracker. 1,144 needed to win the nomination. mitt romney leading the pack. fox news is america's election
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headquarters. your front-row seat to politics. you can get the latest news here. jamie: keep it right here. turns out you my get a couple extra door knocks this year. extra visitors at your door, labor leaders plan to apply more political pressure. they are expanding their boots on the ground to include even you if you don't belong to a union. joining me now doug schoen, a fox news contributor. how are you guys? great to see you. tony, 400,000 union members are going to go. because of a supreme court decision they can knock on your door and raise as much money and give it to super pacs as they
9:35 am
want. >> i have almost half a billion dollars raised and spent by unions this year almost exclusively to elect the president and other democrats. his forrically 95% of union contributions go for democrats. the problem isn't the numbers. i have run against unions in new york and new jersey. their boots on the ground operation is second to none. unions are part of this populist anger you see reflected in the tea party. big labor is viewed to be a corporation. taxpayers understand that unions are off and leading the charge for more taxes, more spending, raising local and state taxes to astronomical levels. jamie: you didn't tell me what
9:36 am
the republicans will do about it. but we'll get back to that. we'll put up a poll. in the 2008 presidential election 21% of the votes came from union household. that's not insignificant, doug. >> what tony conveniently left out is the super pacs on the republican side are spending hundreds of millions of dollars for special interest contributions to nominate romney, gingrich or santorum. if they use a similar tactic to spread a message of fairness that strikes me as redressing the balance and ultimately a fair fight, not something tony should be condemning. jamie: how big a challenge will it be? >> this is what people don't understand. it allows the rest of the people in america to live under the
9:37 am
rules unions have lived under for a very long time. they have not had almost any restrictions on them because of the way they are structured as labor unions. other companies or organizations and interests could structure themselves as super pacs or 527s because of this new rule. it brings the playing field evenly. let's go back to what doug said. the republican strategy should be information. unions no longer represent the average working class person. the "usa today" survey of federal public employees shows the gap between what a public employee makes versus a private employee. $120,000 is the average salary, benefits and pension and $60,000 is the average for a private sector employee. jamie: let me get doug in here on the message. you know the economy is number one in the minds of almost every american for one reason or
9:38 am
another. let's take a look at this full screen. president obama 60% of the union vote versus john mccain's 37%. are unions costing non-union members money? >> unions are fighting for their own members. it's the case we have a lot of fiscal problems in america that require particularly public sector unions to give back and they are certainly in states like new york there have been givebacks. but when tony speaks of equality and you have people spending $10 million up to $100 million in one fell swoop on campaigns. i think the issue of union power pales in comparison to up. super pac power particularly wall street power. jamie: unions have their own super pacs.
9:39 am
>> they do indeed. >> unions are spending taxpayers' money. in sheldon addleson's case's his money. jamie: are the unions spending our money? >> they are experiencing union dues. if you have casino operators experiencing profits they generated on elections and unilaterally making decisions whether rick santorum or mitt romney is viable, that's the real abuse, not union power. bill: the white house is bragging about its energy policy. we'll break count facts what you need to know about the truth. jamie: whitney houston's daughter talking for the first time about the final moment she spent with her superstar mother.
9:40 am
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jamie: amazing video showing a dramatic rescue from a cruise ship. a coast guard helicopter airlifting one of the passengers who was sick off the coast of virginia. a woman onboard was suffering from abdominal pain and needed medical attention. why didn't they have the capability to do it on the ship? they did hoist her and her husband off. bill: what's going on on cruise ships? now you have the idea. gas prices skyrocketing. the white house touting its accomplishments on energy independence. a new progress report shows achievements in several key areas. steven moore, a senior writer for the "wall street journal." i want to show you what the post
9:44 am
put out. this is the president's approval number on gas prices. 63 per disapprove. that's a shot across the bow. >> it sure is. that indicates the american people are connecting the dots went high gas prices we are paying today versus the last 3 1/2 years of obama energy policy which has been hostile to drilling for natural gas and oil which we have in such abundance. the chickens have come home to roost with these high gasoline prices. the major reason gasoline prices are lie right now is because of the turmoil in the middle east. when you have policies not encouraging our own development that will cause higher prices as well. i have been in washington for 27 years. we have been debating drilling in america every year i have been here. we have never done that. think how much more oil and gas
9:45 am
we would have if we were drilling for oil and gas in alaska. bill: put high energy prices are the lingering hangover of that massive debt. what formula does that create politically? >> we have two large deficits. one is the trillion budget defend city we talk about. what we don't talk about is the deficit in our trade. the trade deficit which is extremely high. what is the number one import into this country today? it's oil. we spend more money importing oil than any other product. this is how it all ties together it's bad for our national energy -- i'm sorry, bad for our national economy and it's harmful to our national security that we are so dependent on countries like saudi arabia and iran for oil. bill: we made progress with
9:46 am
imports of foreign oil decreasing by a million barrels a day in the last year alone. >> they are right. the untold story is we have been producing oil and gas in this country in places like north dakota. an incredible story there. but the president is taking credit for what's going on in oil and gas when he opposed all of these developments. you talk to people in north dakota and these states doing the oil drilling, they say they never faced an administration so opposed to putting regulatory roadblocks to what they are trying to do. if we had a president supportive of this industrying with you could see the doubling of production of oil and gas production. one of his major tax increases is a $4 billion a year tax increase on the oil and gas industry. that's not going to encourage production and development. bill: north dakota is 3%.
9:47 am
>> it's an amazing place. when you go to north dakota it's like going back to the old west during the gold rush days. when you tell people they have a 3% unemployment rate. they say it's not 3%. we have thousands of jobs we can't fill. we have a negative unemployment rate. there are trucking jobs, it's the on place in the country where they are building houses, in north dakota. bill: the overall number now when you take everything together, 50% disapprove. that's a serious head wind going into this election. when you think about high energy prices and the days of jimmy carter, that was the achilles heel for carter. high energy was a big deal. >> one of the reasons high energy costs are a problem for the american consumer, not just
9:48 am
that you pay more at the bass pump but you pay more when you buy groceries. so you are right to go back to 1980. that was one of the reasons that jimmy carter lost to ronald reagan. we had 15% inflation in 1980 and 20% mortgage interest rates. i was 16 years old. bill: steven, thank you. you can go to there is a bya box, you can leave your question for steven or shoot me an email. also at wither@bill hemmer. if you have got a question about north dakota, that place is booming. jamie: if you were 2 years old in 1980 i want to see right away.
9:49 am
there is an issue republicans are turning up the heat and they are getting it worse from the other side. the tea party is after the republican party on the botched gun running. bill: an officer approaches you in a public place, you take out your phone and start recording it just in case. why doing that could it you behind bars. [ male announcer ] juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for excellent fruit and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion, also refreshing plus tea. could' had a v8.
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bill: whitney houston's daughter bobby christina talking publicly for the first time since the death of her mom. she says she cannot bear to
9:53 am
listen to her mother's music at the moment but knows she is watching over her. whitney's center in law was her manager. she says the family felt it was only a matter of time. >> the handwriting was on the wall. i would be kidding myself to say otherwise. >> what did you see that caused you to have concerns? >> you know, i saw her chasing a dream, you know, looking for love in all the wrong places. bill: she says she did not think houston's former husband bob write brown was to blame for her drug abuse. it looks like whitney houston's daughter is trying to change her last name. jamie: you can understand she would have a difficult time listening to her mother's music. but that's interesting about
9:54 am
bobby brown not playing a role for sure. we'll never forget her. in illinois, can you imagine using your cell phone to record the police could send to you prison. this biker in hot water for posting himself getting pulled over for speeding on youtube. a state law makes it a fell any to record audio of the police. mike tobin is joining us live in chicago. but they don't have the law in maryland. how about in chicago, mike? >> they do have the law in chicago. there are a lot of issues with it. just about everyone has a smartphone with a recording device in it. now look toshed to may when they will be hosting the nato summit. it will bring throngs of protesters armed with a recording device that will record audio and video. if police are required to arrest
9:55 am
everyone who records them without consent the whole thing could spin out of control. >> so many people have cell phones with cameras. if they are in a public place observing a police officer in action and take out their cell phone and record that officer that happens to be a class one felony that carries with it a 15-year penalty. >> reporter: a judge says a mother could be recording a soccer game and inadvertently record the police and be charged with a felony. the state's attorney says she'll continue to prosecute the law as long as it's on the books. you have the legislators working fast to repeal this law ahead of the nato summit but it will face some challenges in the legislature. jamie: i can understand the dilemma.
9:56 am
that mom example is unbelievable. do you expect more states will look at it or work to repeal it? >> reporter: the police are still going to support this particular law. we have a statement from the fraternal order of police saying if this law is repealed there will be a chilling effect on witnesses coming forward. there are also concerns that a cell phone could be mistaken for a gun. jamie: as an attorney, i'm torn. bill: is rick perry getting back in this race? what we are hearing from the gingrich camp -- some asking if the strategy could work in his favor or blow up in his face. jamie: mitt romney firing back at accusations he's a weak front runner. >> florida, new hampshire, arizona, these are places where conservatives were asked after the race who they voted for and
9:57 am
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♪ bill: good monday morning, everybody, hope you had a great weekend. it is 10:00 in new york city. there is new talk of a ticket that could bring rick perry back into the picture. newt gingrich is having conversations with the governor out of texas hope to unite the evangelical, the tea party and conservative base before the republican nomination and convention in tampa in late august. brand-new hour here of "america's newsroom." what do you think about that? jamie: how about that? bill: we are about to find out. jamie: wasn't expecting that one. bill: nice to see you, by the way. you look spend did in your green. jamie: it's the color of money. i'm in for martha maccallum today and rick perry dropped out of race for the g op tkpwopl nation back in january. newt gingrich has brought his name back hoping to boost his
10:01 am
own bid by forming a predetermined ticket. bill: the "real clear politics" poll puts newt gingrich in third. bob cusack managing editor of the hill, fresh off his cameo in "game change" i misidentification it it was that small. good morning to you. what do you think about this? >> i'm surprised that more candidates don't do this because it creates to buzz, that's what newt gingrich has too do. i think this will help him a bit in the states, in alabama, and mistletoe, texas i mississippi, and texas. will it help him? no, but this is a bit of a good news i think. bill: you think this is a smart move, whether it has any merit or not? >> newt gingrich is in a fight to stay relevant he had a tough
10:02 am
super tuesday outside of georgia, didn't finish second in any other state. he's got to win alabama and mississippi, i think, and therefore rick perry is a tea party candidate, he didn't do well in his presidential bid, but this kind of speculation keeps him in the news, and generates some buzz and i think that is good for newt gingrich. bill: governor perry thinks newt gingrich is the strongest conservative to debate and defeat president obama and truly overhaul washington. the speculation is humbling but it's premature i should say, somewhat dismissive. >> i think that rick perry down the road could run for president again. certainly was not good in the early debates. he has indicated too he's not interested in the number two slot, and of course the chances of a gingrich/perry picket eve picket ever happening are remote. gingrich is a distance third. it's really between romney and santorum now. newt gingrich has to change the
10:03 am
equation. tomorrow he has to come up big. bill: you get no more debates too, and certainly he's been song on those two. you think two or two, let's see whether it tpwoes that way with gingrich in alabama and mississippi. jamie: i want your autograph. meanwhile newt gingrich going right after mitt romney, calling him the weakest frontrunner since 1920. gingrich says rom reis only doing well because his campaign cash gives him and advantage. mitt romney responding this morning on fox & friends. listen. >> this i'm the weak frontrunner what does that make newt gingrich? because i'm well ahead of him. and, you know, he's a good guy, i don't begrudge them the fact that they are out there campaigning and working hard and getting support. ultimately i believe i'm going to be the nominee, and the reason is we want to have someone who can actually beat barack obama. jamie: governor romney took the opportunity to remind voters in states where polls showed him
10:04 am
connecting with conservative voters. bill: blowing out canne candles today. man, 65. jamie: he doesn't like to talk about how successful he's done in the private sector but he did all right. bill: he looks 45. rick santorum says he is not backing down one bit. campaigning hard in the deep side ahead of tomorrow's primaries in alabama and mississippi. he says he is still in it to win it. >> right now we feel very good that we are in a position to still win it right out, and if we have to go to an open convention we'd like our chance to do that as well. this is a conservative party. the establishment is trying to force a moderate republican from massachusetts down the throats of the american people, and if we have to go to the convention we'll win at the con srerpbgs i have nconvention, i have no
10:05 am
doubt about. jamie: brand-new numbers show he may have a point. the latest numbers from cbs and the "l.a. times" shows rick santorum at 34% a slight lead over romney's 30% within the margin of error. when respondents are asked who they believe will eventually take the republican nomination mitt romney holds a commanding lead, 3 37% to 10%. bill: we have to wait and see whether tomorrow will be a major turning point in the nomination. we will be live kaoeupg up to the minute with alkeep you up to the minute with all the forth. jamie: widespread reports of a brand-new massacre in syria. syria's opposition reporting packs of progovernment gunman are romeing through hom killing dozens of civilians before butchering their bodies. many of the victims women and
10:06 am
children. greg palkot is following all the developments live from donned on right now. the story goes on and on. what is the latest out of syria, worse than that even? >> reporter: amazing stuff. the opposition figures that i have been speaking to are calling it an a pros tee. they claim around 50 people, mostly women and children have been found in neighborhoods in the embattled city of homs, killed and mutilated. they say it is the wofrbg the promilitary militia. the government claims as it has in the past that it's just the work of armed terrorists trying to get international attention on their side. we are told they are assaulting anti-regime towns in the northern part of that country, all part of a plan as was explained to me to shape the battle feet on the ground in the shape of the government.
10:07 am
jamie: could he fe ckoffannan went over, any success there. >> reporter: the former u.n. secretary general met twice with syrian leader bashar al-assad. in those meetings he pressed for a cease fire, humanitarian aid, for a dialog between the two sides. he's still in the region where he says that the government is considering what he's proposing, he's noting that the fractured opposition will also to volleyball united to basically get their act together if tees talks go forward, if they even start at all. u.n. security council meeting again today on this very matter. a lot of attention being paid to talks on the sidelines between secretary of state clinton and russian foreign minister. russia has been a big obstacle to any international help to end
10:08 am
the bloodshed in syria. jamie: this is a tough one to report. thanks. bill: and american soldier accused of a shooting rampage in afghanistan tkeulg a killing at lowe's a dozen afghans. what we are learning about the shooter and the possible poe tiff of that. jamie: the tea party back to demanding answers in fast and furious, calling out republican leaders specifically over the botched gun running sting. bill: if you tkropb your very well phone down the trash compacter -- >> i went there for two hours with absolutely --
10:09 am
10:10 am
10:11 am
bill: federal safety regulators investigating complaints of a stuck throttl in ford taurus us. a dozen people have complained about the 2005 and 2006 model years. 360,000 sold in that time. some car owners telling
10:12 am
government investigators they had to shut off the engine or shift into neutral to stop the cars. no crashes or injuries reported. jamie: the tea party is pressing outside republican, particularly the leaders to get more aggressive in probing fast and furious. that is the botched federal gun trafficking sting that put high-powered weapons in the hands of mexico's most dangerous criminals. the operation was tied to the murder of american border agent brian terry and countless victims in mexico, and now tea party activists are turning up the heat on republican leadership, claiming they should be more critical of the president and especially eric holder. justin phillips founder of tea party nation joining knee now. hi, judson, good to see you. >> hi, jaime, good morning. jamie: good morning to you. do you think anyone could argue either side, that this program led to the death of that agent
10:13 am
was a disaster from the start, and basically that it should be investigated? do you think it's a partisan approach? >> well, it should be investigated, but we also have to remember the program itself was a partisan program. this was never a law enforcement sting, as you described it earlier. this was purely a political operation. you send the guns down to mexico, therefore you support the political narrative that the obama administration wanted supported, that all these american guns are flooding mexico, they are the cause of violence in mexico and we need draconian gun control laws in america. because the whole operation itself was political, yes, by all means congress should be all over this. jamie: let me ask you first about the information. we were promised by the president, transparency. is there more information about the program that you feel we are not getting? >> there is more information
10:14 am
about the program that darrell issa who is sharing the oversight committee wants and he's not getting. when we have eric holder up there all we see is one constant stonewall. he does not want to share anything about the program, he doesn't want to give any details. the few times we get details about the program it's always coming out on a friday evening when it can do no damage to the administration. and i think there is a lot of questions that need to be asked -- a lot of questions that need to be answered, starting with how much did the attorney general know, and when did he know it? because apparently we're getting conflicting stories on this. jamie: he may say this he's responded. i don't know how you feel about how much more information we will actually learn. what do you want republican leaders to do about it, specifically? >> i them to get more aggressive on this and get more aggressive with the obama administration. we have john boehner who hauls
10:15 am
up his white flag of surrender early and often. he's the one that a lot of tea party groups have been going after, along with eric cantor and kevin mccarthy for just kind of sitting there and that is really a pretty accurate story what my friend in washington tells me is that boehner, what he learned with the shut down is you never pick a president with the president. if you're not going to pick a fight with the president especially when you have an issue like this one, the fast and furious operation. if you're not going to pick a fight with the president when its something that is really, really important, what are you doing there? jamie: what about voters, how big and event of this for them. >> economics is going to dominate this fall's election. when the american public is looking at $5 a gallon gas, looking at unemployment, the
10:16 am
true tphurpls into the double digits, economics is going to govern this election. fast and furious is probably going to be there, but economics is sucking all the oxygen auft the room, and with good kaurbgs because when you're worried about keeping your kwrob and putting food on the table, as information as something like fast and furious is it's hard to devote a lot of time and attention to that when you're worried about your immediate future. jamie: we know the tea party is devoting time and it's great to hear it straight from you, judson. thanks for joining us. >> thank you so much. bill: we'll see how the it plays out with the big vote tomorrow. we will talk to the governor of alabama to find out how he thinks this is shaping up, also there is this. [screaming] jamie: the flight attendant who
10:17 am
lost it last week, claiming she is bipolar and had gone off her meds. do airlines have a responsibility to screen employee, particularly flight attendants for mental health? a hot and legal debate fair & balanced. >> when we first got in and boarded she said, oh, i forgot to take my meds. we just thought she was talking to the gals. [ crowd chatters and groans ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] hunger getting to you? grab a ritz crackerfuls. made with real cheese and whole grain, it'll help keep you satisfied until your next meal. get hunger before it gets you.
10:18 am
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10:20 am
jamie: 20 minutes now past the hour. nasa may need to use russian flights to the international space station longer than expected. the space agency is saying it may need lifts into 2017 due to budget constraints. and gerber recalling certain
10:21 am
packages of its powder infant formula after it had complaints of an odd smell. they say it is the gerber good start gentle formula. three people in california, you'll see why they are lucky to be alive, only minor injuries, after their lain goes down in a neighborhood. emergency crews say if it wasn't for a ditch, and bill thank goodness there was a telephone poll there they would have gone straight through the house. bill: everybody is okay? jamie: everybody is okay. minor injuries. bill: thank that telephone poll. one lucky poll. jamie: sometimes you do. bill: a college student under arrest and charged with threatening to me on a campus shooting rampage. police say 19-year-old alexander song posted it online and said he would kill enough people to make international news. david lee miller is looking into this. >> reporter: it appears it was a former student that alerted university police to the threatening post on the
10:22 am
internet. it red in full, quote, i will be on a rampage tomorrow on campus, hopefully i kill enough people to make it a national news. he then went onto say and i quote again, stay away from the mall tomorrow at 1:30. two people also contacted the university police after chatting with him online. as for that campus it is very much on edge this morning after news of his arrest quickly spread. >> i was kind of scared, like, i don't know if i want to go to campus. >> and it's very u.n. nerving, scary, off putting. we've heard of other tragedies across the country, and we are very, very fortunate to have the dedicated force that we have. >> reporter: at this hour he is in custody undergoing what authorities describe as an emergency psychiatric evaluation. he said at outset he wanted to make national news.
10:23 am
he has done far more than that. this story has made headlines around the world. bill: mission accomplished in that respect. what are we learning about the suspect? >> reporter: what's north worthy here is that no weapons of any kind were found and it is not clear at this time whether he even had access to any weapons. this young man a very, very bright student he made the dean's list, he was invited to join a special honor's program at the school. one of the programs he was invited to work on was a way to purify methane gas to use it as an energy source. at this hour he remains in cuss custody, he is facing misdemeanor charges here for the alleged threats. $2,500 fine and for six months behind bars. the university as of now has suspended him, and he is banned from campus. bill: thankfully he did not carry that out. david lee miller, thank you in our newsroom in new york. jamie: knee what is next. jamie: he went door to door on a killing rampage, that is the allegation. now the taliban is threatening
10:24 am
revenge to u.s. troops. is it time to pull our forces out of afghanistan? bill: also, the governor of alabama in a moment on newt gingrich putting all his chips on the south. we will see, or will we see another resurgence by the former speaker, or could that campaign be done for good we wonder? >> we better have somebody who in september and october can debate him so successfully that the truth gets through to the american people, despite all the false advertising. at's more beautiful than a covergirl? two covergirls. get two miracles in one product. new tone rehab 2-in-1 foundation. covers spots, lines... and wrinkles. and helps improve skin tone over time. new tone rehab from easy... breezy... beautiful... covergirl! covergirl!
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10:28 am
jamie: brand-new this morning, u.s. forces in afghanistan are stepping up security as the taliban threatens revenge for the murders of at least 13 civilians there. an american staff sergeant is under arrest for that shooting rampage. and the pentagon is promising a rapid but thorough investigation. >> i think we're moving ahead in a very months tiff way positive way. and it's very important, as tragic as this incident is, and it is tragic it would be more tragic to let us derail us from the larger strat joe and missi strategy and mission in gans. jamie: let's bring in retired army general bob scales also a fox news military analyst. thank you for being here. >> thank you. jamie: what do your sources tell
10:29 am
you about this particular service member and why this might have happened. >> jaime, i've been getting calls from where this guy is from, he's from fo fort louis. he's an e6, 42 years old. a quad leader in the army. sunday morning for some reason he got up out of bed, walked across about a mile to the village he was supporting, took a rifle and murdered somewhere between 13 and 16 afghans, most of them women and children and then very calmly walked back to his base, surrendered his weapon and turned himself in. it was a horrific rampage. and right now no one can really explain how it happened, jaime. jamie: you know the folks that he's served with and you know also this was his third or fourth deployment? >> fourth. jamie: why does this happen? >> you know, jaime, nobody knows. here is what we do know. we do know that the force, particularly the army and the marine corps has been under enormous stress, and this type
10:30 am
of psychotic behavior, while it's very, vin usual, it's impossible to predict, butt stresses of come bass are such that if any shoulder has this predisposition for this type of unacceptable, violent behavior, that the additional stress of these multiple deployments could have had something to do with it. right now we don't know. it certainly has to be a factor, jaime. jamie: sir, that can't be an excuse. when we think about fort hood too, and i know that at least the army i'm familiar with their resiliency, training and comprehensive mental fitness assessments of members who are going on multiple deployments. do we have to do a better job? >> again, i applaud the army for its comprehensive soldier fitness and resiliency training which is an assessment that every soldier gets periodically for his mental, psychological and spiritual health, and it's
10:31 am
given the army an opportunity to screen out the soldiers who are suffering from the long-term deployments that many of them have to endure. again the army is 570,000, and sadly this program, and i'm sure this nco went through it, but this program didn't pre victoria this awful behavior by this sergeant. jamie: general, the president has begun the withdrawals and the taliban is claiming now retaliation for this specific incident that the soldier or service member is accused of. is it time to go from afghanistan? >> yeah, i don't think there is any question, jaime, that this incident, along with others, like the quran burning and the ep p killing of innocent afghans is going to increase the rush for the door. there is a nato conference in may where they will discuss the afghan policy. the french are pushing to get out soon. this is a real problem for the u.s. command. the afghan arm me and police can't stand on their own and
10:32 am
fight so more time is needed, but we can't take more time because of the pressures to opl home. even if we took the additional time there is no guarantee that the afghan army and police will be up to standing alone and fighting against the taliban. these are tough, tough decisions that have to be made over the next two months. jamie: let's say the pentagon says an investigation is ongoing into the specifics. we don't speculate. major general bob scales, always good to have you here. >> thank you, jaime. bill: the polls show a surprisingly close race tuesday in alabama and mississippi. question, are you going to win them both? >> i think we'll win both, we are campaigning very aggressively in both states. as almost everywhere else you start a little bit behind of romney's money and the length of time he's advertising, and then as you campaign you catch up with him pretty rapidly. i think we are probably pulling
10:33 am
ahead in both states right now. bill: how about that a confident newt gingrich getting ready for what some argue could be his last stand, or could it. he says regardless he's in until the convention in august. he's a georgia native he would have an edge in mississippi and alabama. mitt romney has a slight edge right now in some of the polling. robert bentley is the governor of alabama, and the governor is with me from his home state. good morning to you. who is making an impression, do you believe in your state, tkpwafz? >> well, thank you, bill for asking me on. i believe that mitt romney is doing well, simply because i think most people perceive that he is the one who can beat president obama. but also newt gingrich and also santorum are doing well because i think they are splitting the conservative vote in the wing of the republican party here. bill: do you think mitt romney's
10:34 am
religion will be an issue in your state, governor? >> well, i think that is a very subtle issue that probably may be a problem in many states, not just in alabama. but i do believe that republicans are looking to see who can win the presidency, and they are going to look at that more than anything else. bill: do you think newt gingrich has to win alabama to stay viable? initially that was the argument that was made, then it was pulled back a little bit. what is your view of that, governor? >> well, i think it's very important that he wins alabama. if he can't win the south he probably cannot win the nam nation. bill: if he got a split decision, say he lost alabama and won mississippi, is that a strong enough argument do you believe? >> you know, i don't know. i think that mitt romney is so far ahead in delegates, and he does have a lot of money, it's
10:35 am
going to be difficult for anyone to beat him. bill: with rick santorum down there he argues if you get gingrich out it becomes a two-man race and then there is a clarity drawn between these two men. i don't know what santorum's strength is down there, but does he have that kind of support you're seeing in alabama? >> santorum is a very socially conservative candidate, and i think he has a lot of support in alabama simply because he's very conservative on social issues. bill: with the republican race overall then, do you think it's good or bad that this contest lingers? >> i think it's good. i think it's good for all candidates, even though it makes it very difficult on the ones who are in the race, it really strengthens the candidate. if they can get through a very difficult primary, which they are doing at the present time it will make them stronger candidates. bill: if that's the case then
10:36 am
how much longer do you think it's okay to go, is it april, may or august? >> we go through this almost every four years, and, you know, people last time were asking the candidates to get out and, you know, i think having a long primary is fine. i know that -- it tough ens the candidates, and all questions asked will have been asked already. bill: we will see. robert bentley, thank you for your time. you have a big day down there tomorrow. thank you for spending some of your time with us today. i should point out you have not endorsed either of these gentlemen. we'll see in time whether that changes. thank you, governor. >> that's correct. jamie: interesting question about the length of the campaign, not everybody feels the way the governor does. interesting answer too. unmanned aerial drones are one of the most sophisticated weapons in america's arsenal, but today the british government is being sued for air strikes by the u.s. military? we'll tell you why. bill: also there is this.
10:37 am
[screaming] you can have that flight, jaime. man, a flight attendant flipping out at 30,000 feet claiming she is bipolar, was off her meds. pilots go try psychiatric screaming should all airline employees do the same. here is one of the passengers. >> she said she would not be responsible for the plane crashing. we hadn't even left the ground yet. >> after those comments were made, man it really got to be a little scary. i want to be a volunteer firefighter. when i grow up, i want to write a novel. i want to go on a road trip. when i grow up, i'm going to go there. i want to fix up old houses. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. i want to fall in love again. [ female announcer ] discover what's next in your life. g this free travel bag when you join
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only hertz gives you a carfirmation. hey, this is challenger. i'll be waiting for you in stall 5. it confirms your reservation and the location your car is in, the moment you land. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. bill: breaking news. we mentioned this one-year progress report put out by the white house about the energy policies in america, the president saying we've made progress with imports of foreign oil increasing by a million barrels compared to a year ago. here is the reaction from the house speaker john boehner moments ago. with this report the president is celebrating his rest me for 4
10:41 am
or $5 gas. poll after poll show americans overwhelmingly disapprove of the president's work on gas prices and rather than embrace republican efforts to embrace american production, all he's offering is a history lesson of how we got there. watch for this debate not only throughout the day but the weeks to come as gas prices are going higher. british government sued for he helping u.s. drone sites. a human rights group filing legal papers in a london court whose family was killed by a drone in pakistan. the activists claiming the british government is passing on intel to assist u.s. drone attacks in that country. they believe civilian staffers at britain's electronic agency could be liable as parties to murder. 19 minutes before the hour. jamie: it was frightening to say the least. and incident on an american airlines flight on friday. a crew member was the one who created it. on a 15-minute tirade over the
10:42 am
pa system a flight attendant reportedly warning the plane may crash. passengers say she climbed to be bi-polar and forgot to take her medication. two other flight attendants actually injured her, they were trying to restrain her and it was captured on fell phone video. [streaming ]screaming] >> oh, my god. [screaming] jamie: you can imagine those on that flight and how they may have reacted. all of this is raising questions now about the responsibilities that airlines have to their passengers when it comes to crew members' mental health. let's bring in criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor joe jackson. former federal prosecutor ann
10:43 am
mcelroy. good to see both of you. there are mental health officials out there that understand this and how we should react to it. the bottom line is in a real situation where there is danger to passengers we need our flight attendants to be in control. does the airline have a responsibility to check them out ahead of time? >> let's took at the duties they have. as an employer to see people remain safe and comforted during a flight they have the duty to do background checks, that they can perform all of the duties and do it proficiency. the question becomes, well what happens now? that is that we have to keep it in prospective, no one was injured here at all. the flight was an hour and 20 minutes delayed and more importantly all the passengers had free drinks going across on that flight. jamie: i knew you would bring that point up joey. >> not making light of it at all, but putting it in
10:44 am
perspective. everybody wants to sue for everything but she had a bad day. >> annmarie what about theee most tphal distress. i know no one was injured but the two flight attendants. the flight attendant that went off on the intercom, we know that they can be sued for wrongful acts. do the folks on that plane have any claim for the trauma they must have experienced? >> i think that certainly the airlines is to some extent responsible. the question is what would the damages be? if it was only an hour and 20 minutes delay. none of them were injured in any way. whether they would have lasting next for what they went through. they might claim they are afraid to fly. in the big scheme of things the airline does have a opportunity responsibility and they have to look at who are their flight attendants and are they proper people to be able to handle situations. this is just a regular routine
10:45 am
take off without any issues. what would have happened if there had been a terrorist on both. jamie: we don't even want to think about it. >> they are responsible for being able to take care of the cabin if something like that, some terrible thing happens, and this woman wouldn't be able to. jamie: let me ask you, the flight attendant, is there any legal precedent for the stress that they go through. we talk about the military stress, there is no comparison. bad air, long flights they can't have the free drinks you're talking about. they have to do their job. do they have any standing whether the flight attendant said even if i did take my medication, this job is getting to me. american airlines filed for bankruptcy. do they have anything to do with the hours. >> just like you work long and hard hours and are good and effective at what you do, sometimes things get the better of you. just as a bi-polar person can
10:46 am
handle the job normally, those with maladies and mental health issues may be fine. there are people that could be perfectly normal, not have the pal louisiana des and snap. as long as you meet the criteria of the job you're supposed to perform it and perform it effectively. there are faa regulations put in place to insure that those that are hired meet appropriate criteria for being hired. ultimately if they are on the flight with the cabin and the grew they are supposed to perform their job and do it at the level that is expected and required of them. jamie: an unruly passenger faces a much stiffer penalty. it doesn't seem like there is equality. >> we had recently the woman who was apparently painting her fingerer nails a little bit. she got arrested and was held for ten hours because she didn't immediately stop and went to the bathroom and did two morphinge
10:47 am
more fingernails. there is supposed to be fairness as to how these things are handled. there should be a higher standard when you're talking about the flight attendant. if the airline is putting someone on there who they should have known would not be qualified because of other issues or emotional issues, this is up to the airline to make sure that their employees are in thaepb appropriate role as well and they should be able to do this on and own going basis. jamie: yet to come is whether or not if they had reason to why, if they had advanced warning it would affect the whole discussion. they used to call, bill, the airline a service industry. i don't know. bill: she let it roar on that tape. jamie: would you get off the flight? even if they took her out i'd be traumatized, i think i'd fly another day. bill: i think now and then we all feel like screaming right away. jamie: let it go. we're here for you bill. bill: gas prices up 30-cents in the last month. what does it mean for the race in 2012.
10:48 am
brand-new poll numbers that directly reflect that and karl rove weighs in with his view moments aeu aeu. jamie: a 3-year-old with a rare medical condition gets some help from a for legged friend, children and pets, what a combo, you will not want to miss this one. >> we want her to have the most normal childhood she possibly can. she is my whole record, she is the whole reason i get up every morning. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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10:51 am
jon: good morning i'm jon scott. the president taking a hit over rising gas prices. we'll ask karl rove about this data. at times it's not looking like enough for newt gingrich just yet. we'll look ahead at primaries and mississippi and alabama see
10:52 am
what they might bring. u.s. troops on edge in afghanistan after that attack on -- on civilians by a u.s. soldier. are we over doing it when it comes to preventative healthcare? an intriguing new line of thought. we'll talk to a doctor who says we might be doing too much medicine. jenna lee and i will see you in about eight minutes on "happening now." jamie: do me a favor, don't go dumpster diving like this woman did. she is from georgia and she is really lucky to be alive today. she went down the garbage shoot leading to a trash compacter. her name is amanda. she went in there when she was tossing out her dinner and she dropped her cellphone in the shoot, there in lies the lesson, lit it go. she tried to reach in with a broom, and she went right down with the trash. it took firefighters two hours to get her out. >> i had flip-flops on and i
10:53 am
slid all the way down. i was stuck up there upside down, one tpaoupt and the other one down for about two hours. i'm lucky to be alive. thank god it wasn't anything worse. jamie: and how many songs did you have loaded on your phone, ma'am? i don't get it. firefighters say it was a bag of trash stuck in the shoot that stopped her from falling all the way down. it would be a different story to report, bill, i'm told if that hadn't happened. bill: i wonder how many people call her when she was inside there. call him a for-legged feline, a dog helping a very sick three-year-old girl, kaitlyn p r-rbgts att. >> mr. gibbs is a stipulate cal golden doodle puppy, but once this red service vest is fastened his attitude adjusts, it's time to work. put two oxygen ta*pbs in his
10:54 am
vest pouches an becomes a life link helping her get the air she needs to breathe properly. >> we want her to have the most normal childhood she possibly can. >> she has a rare lung condition. >> all the cells form clumps in her lungs that act like too many filters in an air conditioner. >> to get enough oxygen into her blood she has a tube trailing from her nose attached to a tank, a load her new four-legged friend now bears. mr. gibbs is trained to follow a hraoet sha wherever he goes even down a playground slide. the decision to add some fur to their family coming after they struggled with this question. >> how are we going to help provide her some kind of normal sense of independence and where mom and dad don't have to be there. >> the first big test came last week with the trip to disney world. they admit just a month in there
10:55 am
are challenges. >> it's hard for him to understand that she is in charge. he listens really well to my wife and i. >> but soon this father says mr. gibbs will follow his pint-sized charge hopeful that his life line can provide for his little girl. >> she is my little girl. she is the whole reason i get up every morning. bill: great little laugh. thapblgs tthanks to mr. gibbs. jamie: man's best friend for sure. under attack from dozens of rockets being fired from gaza. what this means for the sol louisiana till already middle east. we are live from one israel lie town where folks never know when the next warning eye repb will go off. siren will go off. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
10:56 am
or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. a little bird told me about a band...
10:57 am
♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ did did jenna: how about
10:58 am
10:59 am
this? she started teaching when fdr was in the white house, fdr, olivia newbauer celebrating her 100th birth day, church members, students, giving her cake, a basket of books and hosting a fundraise fora scholarship in her name. >> it's been a blessing to awfully us to have mrs. new bauer turn 100 be sharing her spirit every day. >> god bless you! she was born march one, 1912 and her teaching career dates back to 1912. bill: my grandfather turned 100, that's a day you never forget. >> jamie: but working, teaching, grading papers? wow, i'm impressed. bill she's working up here. great to be with you. jamie: loved it, bill. bill: enjoy the spring day. "happening now" starts right


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